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College selection and attendance

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Some choices define who we become and according to me our choice of college is one such thing. A decade back colleges were chosen looking into these criteria's 1. Quality of Faculty

2. Placements

3. Quality of Crowd

4. Exposure to extra curricular activities

But today, the criteria for choosing a college has changed massively. The importance of the above mentioned points have considerably reduced and the criteria that stands out is ATTENDANCE

Being a career advisor I hear frequently that “Sir we will choose a college which doesn’t have attendance issues, and if we get a college where attendance is compulsory we will only attend college to meet the basic attendance criteria”.

Lets take an example of 2 colleges.

1. Nut Meg College - A college where 75% attendance is compulsory and students are debarred if 50% is not maintained.

2. Hit Rate College - A college where 75% attendance is compulsory but no action is taken whether you attend or not.

Both the colleges are considered to be very good but students these days prefer Hit Rate over Nut Meg as they dont need to attend there. Some of the reasons for that they give me for their decision are: 1. Sir I am doing CA, have my classes and my articleship. How will I attend college? 2. Sir who will get up early at 6 and go to college? 3. Sir I go to classes and study then why should I go to college?

4. Sir why to do mehnat when we dont need to do it?

Well, if you feel the same then do read ahead without fail! I want to tell all the 10th and 12th graders who will be choosing a college soon about the real experience of being in a college. The points mentioned below are a gist of my 8 years of experience as a student and 7 years of experience as a professor in various colleges. These are the things that you earn from a good college experience.

Exposure to people and cultures

A college has 1000's of kids in each foyer. There are over 100 students in each class. It is a melting pot of habits and cultures. When you meet more people, you understand their ways and methods which help you a lot in growing as a mature person. It helps you in understanding human psychology in a better way which turns out to be extremely helpful in the long run.

As there are all types of people in your vicinity, you need to make a choice of the kind of people you want to be surrounded with. This helps you grow your decision making skills. Some children choose the wrong company, understand later that they have made a mistake and rectify that. This helps you to learn how to deal with wrong decisions too. You start taking responsibility for your own decisions.

Networking Skills

You start interacting with a much larger set of people. You do projects with some and take part in events with others. All of these help you develop your networking skills subconsciously. The people you meet and the friends you make are a great asset for you. Today both my partners, Ronak Gala at Leapup Edutech and Prapti Mehta at Pursuit Academy are my batch mates from college.

Soft Skills

In a college you get opportunities to take part in various events and organise them too. These events are opportunities where you learn to solve practical problems. This helps you grow your skills like decision making, teamwork, leadership and much more. You become much more responsible and hardworking. Your patience levels and communication skills improve. All these are softer aspects which develop in you without you actually knowing about it. Plus you need to do multiple projects and presentations which improve your presentation and convincing skills.

Competitive Nature

In a college you learn that giving up is not an option. With so many people around you, the competition for everything is cut-throat. From marks to placements yo college fests, there is massive competition at all levels. Instead of fearing competition, students start thriving in it. They love taking up challenges. Personally I feel that everyone who gives me the reason that how can i manage CA classes, college and internship together has given up on a fight even before it has started. This would be very detrimental for them in their CA exam preparation as there is no easy way out in clearing CA exams. You have to toil hard and put in months of massive hard work.

Experiences and Memories

More than anything else what matters to me is the bundle of memories and experiences. You do not go to a college to get just education, you go there to make some amazing friends and have insane experiences and memories with them. From bunking lectures to hogging in the canteen to making fun of classmates to heartbreaks and finding soulmates to mad parties to gossiping about professors to celebrating the college days to winning competitions to pranking friends and juniors to fist fights. The list doesnt end. I am having teary eyes while writing about these experiences because that is what memories do. They are priceless. Don't rob yourself of the opportunity of making these memories by choosing a college where you just need to go to give the exams.

Believe me, all of these is totally worth waking up at 6 am 4 days a week for 3 years of your life. I am telling you this as i do not want you to regret later that you had the opportunity to have a great college phase but you missed it as you were lazy and stupid at the age of 18.

Authored by Harshit Shah (Bcom, CA & LLB) Founder at Pursuit Career Managers, Pursuit Academy and Leapup Edutech.

If you are facing any confusions in choosing your college and career, enroll for our online private counselling sessions. Call on 7021256415 for more details.

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