Why is correct career advice very important for every student?

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One of the most important decision in every students life is their choice of career. With the forever increasing number of options and the constantly increasing rate of competition among the youth, this decision of choosing an appropriate career has become much more confusing and difficult for everyone. Due to various reasons, most students commit very bad mistakes while making career decisions.

Most common mistakes made by students



As teenagers, every person is extremely close to their friends. Most of their choices and interests depend on their peers. Similarly when students make their career decisions, their friends influence that a lot too. Students want to take up careers which their friends are choosing just so that they can stay together. Thus, irrespective of whether they are good at it or no, most students end up taking decisions influenced by their friends which they regret later.



As humans, we are trained to align our habits and practices to what is acceptable by the society. From childhood our decisions depend on 'Log kya sochenge'. Similarly when we have to choose our career, we have to keep in mind that will the society accept me with this career or would they respect the type of work I do! All of this leads to decisions made irrationally which we regret later.



It is better to have no knowledge than to have half knowledge. The Internet is the biggest culprit of misinformation and partial information today. We try and browse through some websites to get information on our interested careers without verifying the author and source of information most of the time. The probability of this information being wrong or incomplete is very high. Taking career decisions on the basis of this information is something that everyone regrets later.



A lot of students ask their seniors about a course they want to join. This is fundamentally wrong for 2 reasons:
1. The seniors views on the course/career depend on their strengths, interests and personality which is very different from yours. Thus the probability of your view being the same on that career is very low.
2. A senior cant compare courses for you. Most of the times you have multiple career options in your mind and will compare the views of your senior with the other courses. Your senior can tell you about their course but cannot help you compare it with the other options that you have. He might love his course but it might be much worse than the other option that you have.