The concept is called Ikigai, and it is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “reason for being.” The place where the four circles meet, is where you find your ‘ikigai’. 

At Pursuit, we follow the “Ikigai” technique. We not only focus on educational achievement but on the overall growth of the child. There will be many options for which either the pay is not good or there is huge competition etc. It is very important for the child to know about it before he takes the decision of choosing that career.
While advising the students, we focus on four major things:
1. What the child loves
2. What the child is good at
3. For what kind of work he would be paid
4. What the world needs.
First three things are very important, the fourth thing is an optional thing depending on the student’s wishes and wants. These days the world is facing multiple issues and many students get personal satisfaction in somehow being a part of the change. They want that to be a part of their career also we try and include that to.