Graduation Checkup

As the name suggests, this package is available for commerce and arts students who are currently pursuing their graduation or are done with their graduation. This is majorly for students who want to understand how to either change the field that they have chosen or how to ensure that they excel in the field that they have chosen.

Session Plan

Session 1

It is an introductory session where we gather information about the student related to the students strengths, subject-wise liking, ambitions, weaknesses, hobbies, constraints and many other things. The duration of the 1st session would be approximately 45 mins - 1 hour

Session 2

At this stage we advice you either an alternate career option or show you the right way forward in the career that you have chosen. We suggest you the correct mixture of academic, non academic and practical training so that you excel in your career and help you get the motivation required to conquer your dreams. The duration of the second session would be approximately 1.5 - 2 hours


At pursuit career managers, I came with everything jumbled up. And harshit sir uncomplicated everything: from what the lecturers taught in college to what I should do in my career. One stop solution, that's all I can say.

- Rajvi Malbari, Our student from NMIMS BBA

It was a great experience, Harshit sir is more of a holistic faculty then a traditional one, their suggestions is not just restricted only to books but also too day to day life

- Tanish Broker, Our student from NMIMS Bsc(Fin)