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Is it yet the time to surrender?

Frustration creeping in your mind

Not a solution that you can find

Stay patient and do not hurry

We are here so do not worry

To get away from all that fuss

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Before a student starts his CA studies, all his education has gone smoothly. Infact a lot of times he passes even after not putting in adequate efforts. And suddenly in CA even after studying for months he is unsuccessful in the exams. A lot of times unsuccessful on more than one occasion too. Such situations are extremely bad for the self belief and morale of the student. At such a stage we provide the student with three things:

1. Motivation! Because if you don't believe that you will pass, then you will never pass.

2. Examination Counselling on what to change in your study pattern as well as paper writing pattern.

3. Alternative short term courses to boost up your morale which compliment your education and the CA course.


It was a sheer delight interacting with Harshit. With one group of CA final pending, I had enrolled for a counselling session. Harshit recommended appropriate study plans or should I say, hacks, which made my prep a lot more easier. Would highly recommend a session with Harshit for both, first time attempters as well as repeaters. Keep up the good work!

- Neel Lalka, A CA currently working in the Chief Ministers Office, Maharashtra

There are many career counselors who help you decide which stream and course to do. I hardly came across anyone who provides guidance for professional courses. Pursuit Career Managers has really helped me get through my CA exams by helping me plan and make proper study schedules and many more things.
Thank you so much Harshit Sir

- Dolly Shah, A CA who has currently shifted to Canada and plans to practice there.