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Pursuit Career Managers imparts unbiased career advice to student’s right from their school days till the
time they graduate and settle in their career. We offer 1-1 career advice services as well as conduct career
seminars on various topics, both privately and in association with colleges /NGO’s.

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Idea behind Pursuit

As a teacher in college, Prof. Harshit Shah realised that most students make huge errors while choosing their career. They fall prey to mistakes like Peer Pressure, Societal Influence, Partial knowledge from the internet etc.

By the time they realise that they have chosen the wrong course it becomes too late and then they have to continue with the career they are not interested in.

To solve this problem he started giving career advice to students in a structured manner explaining the students a step by step method to succeed.

Popular  Packages

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We help you to not only choose the correct career but ensure you excel while pursuing it.

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A comprehensive understanding of the best board and stream for your child post standard 10. 

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Stuck with CA? Know how to prepare for your next attempt or find an alternative course.

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